Sec Robredo Died Being a Real Parent and Public Servant; Capt sacrificed life

Just a few days ago, I was blogging about something to look forward to, something inspiring. I didn't have it coming that just few days after, I'd be blogging something completely sad.

This morning, August 21, 2012, Sec Robredo's body was indeed found about 180 feet deep in Masbate water, along with heroic Capt. Jessup Bahinting and a trainee co-pilot, Nepalese Kshitiz Chand, after 3 days of search and rescue mission and unceasing prayers nationwide. 

I just can't get it out from my mind, the fact that Sec Robredo chose to deviate from the normal flight protocol because he was in a hurry to be present for his child's awarding program. (According to ANC

Sec. Robredo should not have been in a hurry had he not chose to work first that day.  Had he not chose to represent the President that day in some engagement, among others, maybe he could have given full time to his family affair and thus attend to his kid's program on time.

But he was an obedient servant.  He could have asked for 'special treatment' from the President to excuse him for that day.  But he did not.

Makes me feel guilty of having excused myself a lot of times at work, whenever personal affairs invite me to be absent.  How shallow.  And am sure a lot of us have experienced doing just that, skipping work because of family affairs.

Here was a man who was true to his pledge as a servant.  Not to mention it was Saturday, when one should be having 'light' work at least, and for public officials who are thick-skinned, would normally self-declare Saturdays as day-offs, along with the Sundays). Not like some senators and congress people who don't even report for work on the very days they are suppose to report.

That Saturday, DILG Sec Robredo just had to do his job first before attending to an important family affair.

And so, upon finishing his official task that ill-fated Saturday, he had to find a way to address this time, his family obligation:  giving his child that father presence when it counts most.

So he had to be there on time.   In a hurry.  Not to miss it.  In a hurry to show love to his kid.

But as Sec Robredo wanted to tell his kid "I love you, I am here", God was telling him "SO AM I,  I LOVE YOU, I AM HERE AND IS NOW CALLING YOU TO REST WITH ME."

(To Pilot Jessup:
 Thank you for that heroic act of choosing not to run a populous village and instead risking and eventually losing your life.  
 He is known to be a local hero who often headed rescue missions during typhoon calamities.  On the ill-fated August 18, he did another heroic stint when he chose to sacrifice their lives instead of running the plane to the most populous village in that town. For detailed story from the survivor, check this out:

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