PHILIPPINES SONA 2011, Rekindling Chivalry

It's ok to do good to your countrymen in the simplest, most concrete way when an opportunity presents itself.

Among all that was said by the President of the Philippines today in his State of the Nation address, the most beautiful message that I drew up from that speech was just that:  It's ok to do good to your countrymen in the simplest, most concrete way when an opportunity presents itself for you to do so.

It was really nice to hear the top man of the country talk about simple things that are often overlooked by simple citizens like you and me, and take the chance given to him at SONA for these simple things.  When everybody expected him to talk big on big issues alone, he managed to remind us of simple things that matter too: caring for one another, showing appreciation to those who sacrifice themselves serving us by simply saying THANK YOU.

"Itigil na po natin ang paghihilahan pababa. Ang dating industriya ng pintasan na hindi natin maitakwil, iwaksi na po natin. Tuldukan na po natin ang pagiging utak-alimango; puwede bang iangat naman natin ang magaganda nating nagawa?

Kung may nakita kang mabuti, huwag kang magdalawang-isip na purihin ito. Kapag nakita mo ang pulis sa kanto, nagtatrapik nang walang kapote sa ilalim ng ulan, lapitan mo siya at sabihing, “Salamat po.”

Kung magkasakit ka at makita mo ang nars na nag-aruga sa iyo, sa halip na magserbisyo sa dayuhan kapalit ng mas malaking suweldo, sabihin mo, “Salamat po.”

Bago ka umuwi galing eskuwela, lapitan mo ang guro mong piniling mamuhunan sa iyong kinabukasan kaysa unahin ang sariling ginhawa; sabihin mo, “Salamat po.” Sa aking guro, Salamat po Ginang Escasa.

Kung makasalubong mo ang iyong kinatawan sa kalsadang dati ay lubak-lubak, at ngayon ay puwede nang daanan nang maaliwalas, lapitan mo siya at sabihing: “Salamat po.”

Today, my patriotism has been restored somehow.  My faith in my president has rekindled again somehow.  He said stop the negativity and I agree to that.  He believes in using Filipino science, promoted the work of DOST and UP, instead of leaning on some foreign experts in solving local issues, and I strongly applaud to that.  He looks after our military men, our policemen, our firemen, and we hungered for that.   And most of all, he gave the speech in his own native tongue and majority of my own countrymen needed that.

Today I am inspired as a Filipino.  Today, I am reminded that it is ok to do good to my countrymen and that a lot of us still sacrifice themselves just to serve the society.  Chivalry is not dead.  So today, I remind myself that relocating and settling in the province gives me a better chance to contribute in making a positive change to the people here.  Instead of looking to be served,  look where you can serve.  Instead of enriching yourself, choose to enrich your society.  Today, I choose to be like that police officer under the rain, that nurse working underpaid.  Today, I choose to be a better Filipino.

Yes, there is still so much to do but at least, the light of hope is shining in our country.


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