Amy Winehouse: RIP

With such a talent, dead at 27.

Bet she enjoyed her living days.  The wrong way.

But she enjoyed it.  And while enjoying it, there were people enjoying it more:  HER ENABLERS.

And now that she's gone, bet these enablers are the most affected!  Who are they going to play with their band now?  Stupid morons.

Watch the concert video below and you'll easily see who these enablers are.

As for you, reader, you make sure that if ever you're gonna put yourself in some shitty habits, make sure you are not overpowered by your moronic enablers in every sense.  Much more, emotionally and mentally.  Let them bury themselves into the mud but you make sure you can always get out by your own will.

And this one maybe is a personal anthem to some peeps out there...

This one ain't by Amy Winehouse but reminds me personally of some of the enablers I personally crossed path in the past.  This one is heartfully dedicated to those of you in denial.

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