Lunar Eclipse Philippines 2011


In my loooooong years of unsubstantial existence, its just now that I am able to actually witness a lunar eclipse over my rooftop.

Just when my expensive binoculars have been sold already by my cousin in exchange for some dope. Without permission.

But I got to keep memories of this. I just gotta make do with my cel cam.

Looks like being darkened by clouds only. But not really. With my pathetic cam, of course its an ugly,imperfect shot. What can you expect.

Now this one is what it actually was. Blushing moon. Red-faced. This ain't even the full red face. The rest, you can surely google or YouTube it.

Out of excitement, I woke my little niece up, to witness it as well. Sleepily, while watching, she threw me a dreaded question: "How does lunar eclipse happen?"

Shit. That's the same question I asked myself just minutes ago before waking her up, and wasn't able to answer. I had to pretend I didn't hear her.

Just when I have forgotten the science behind it. This lunar eclipse shows up.

Thank Heavens for youtube. Thank you, YouTube. What am I gonna do without you?!

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